Our Mission

You deserve to be comfortable  at home, in your office, and we understand how important it is to enjoy your space adding  color to your life. Our mission is to bring the best service to our clients with a reliable and responsible team that will work with you and your needs. We know how important is your time, and the inconvenience to interrupt your daily routine can be overwhelming, that is why we do the best to get your project done the quickest possible, so you can go back to your  normal life and enjoy you new home.

About Our Company

We are a small family business located in Fort Myers, Florida, with 20 years of experience in the painting industry. It took us many years of sacrifice to become a quality and trustworthy company that provides the best service to our clients. Working with  experienced contractors for so many years gave us the opportunity to learn so much about this profession and since the beginning we focus in the most important part of this job, which is to meet the expectations of our clients.



Andrea Jeria

 I always loved the transformation that you can do in your home, the chance to do wherever you want in your space. When I painted my home for the first time I realized that I wanted to do that for other people, so I become a contractor in order to meet my goals and I can said that in a man world the feminine touch is very well receive by customers.

Residential and Commercial

Our best tools are satisfied customers that always recommended us to others customer.

Jose Pennisi

Professional Painter

Over 20 years of experience, detail oriented, meticulous, clean edges, very fast and strong, good eyesight and reliable. Ability to match paint and varnishes, priming and finishing. 

I have a passion for this profession, and welcome new projects with the opportunity to contribute with new ideas for the client.

I worked with many brands of paint over the years, but at the end  Sherwin-Williams is been proof to give the best result in quality speaking, we can guarantee this product every time and clients are very satisfied with the results. We also use Benjamin Moore and Home Depot brands if the client does requested.


Color Snap Visualizer is an app that captures colors from your surroundings and matches them to Sherwin-Williams paint colors, is now a free download on iphone and Android devices.